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When we founded 7 Mile Strength and Conditioning back in 2010, we set out to create a place for locals and travelers to get fit together and have a great time doing it. Today, we're happy to say we have achieved that and so much more!
7 Mile Strength and Conditioning has become much more than a gym. It has evolved from a decrepit building which was destroyed by hurricane Ivan into a beautiful and bustling facility filled with amazing athletes and coaches who lift each other up and push each other forward. You'll be hard-pressed to find a more motivating group of people anywhere.
Whether you're training for a competition, enjoying a WOD on your vacation to the islands, or working out just for the fun of it - there's a place at 7 Mile Strength and Conditioning for you. We've cultivated an all-inclusive community for any fitness ability and we pride ourselves on our supportive and inviting community. We also have some of the best functional fitness coaches in our region. Schedule a free 1-on-1 consultation to see what the 7 Mile Strength and Conditioning experience is all about!

Who Treehouse Athletics Is

Who We Are

Our gym hires incredibly talented coaches, features all of the equipment and space that you need, and has a great social environment.

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How to join Treehouse Athletics

Visitors Welcome!

When you come to CrossFit 7 Mile, we’ll make sure that you feel welcome and that your unique fitness needs are met.

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Treehouse Athletics Community

Prescription For A Great Life!

Learn more about what separates us from other fitness programs and how you can use it to become functionally fit for life.

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Our Location

Success Stories

If you come in for the intro sessions and don’t like it, you haven’t really lost anything. But if you do like it, you will have entered a great environment where everyone is welcoming and understanding. In my experience, no one was concerned with what I could or couldn’t do when I first joined, but with consistent effort came good things. -Mark Cook

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